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We, a team of seasoned CAT MENTORS WITH IIT/IIM background with a rich legacy of producing thousands of CAT toppers over a decade, have teamed up to create a new MBA test-prep institute “MBA Easy” and dedicate it to student community at large. Our vision is to serve our society by creating an institution par excellence which will play an instrumental role in shaping the careers of students seeking admission to top-tier management colleges.
We acutely felt the need to have a niche institute as there is dearth of quality institutes offering holistic preparation which will enable even an academically average/poor student to get good scores in management entrance examinations. This is evident from the results which are heavily biased towards IITs/NITs and other top ranking institutes. Our endeavour is to empower students from average colleges/semi-urban & rural background so that they could evenly compete with the best in the country. It goes without saying that we also have course offering for academically bright students from prestigious colleges.
We urge our student community to try our offering and compare it with other existing players and we are confident that students will naturally appreciate the distinctly superior quality offering of MBA Easy.
We extend our heartiest wishes to all the students out there!