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The most important of all- Our Mentors

Without an iota of doubt, it can be said that apart from students themselves (goes without saying), mentors play the most important role in ensuring great performance in any competitive examination. It is all the truer for CAT because it is a long-drawn process (at least a year) and there is every chance that students can digress from their core objective. There are distractions all around- unable to grasp concepts well (or bluntly speaking incompetent faculty!), feeling emotionally low at times (it will be an emotionally roller-coaster ride), low scores in mock tests, social media pundits (self-proclaimed) spreading all sorts of rumours and misinformation about the exam and so on. It is a long list. Mentors don’t just teach and teach well but also do a lot of hand-holding, motivation and they act as the pole star, showing right direction, during the journey of students.

Let us cut the long story short and get to know our mentors.

Amit Singh

Amit Singh (Alumnus - IIT Madras)
Senior Mentor QA & DI/LR

Amit Singh

Amit Singh is a teacher by heart and he takes absolute pride in his core job- mentoring students. Having done his B. Tech & M. Tech (Integrated Masters in Mechanical Engineering from IIT- Madras), he worked with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) for around six years. He served in Retail SBU (Strategic Business Unit) in Eastern Region where he was instrumental in commissioning of 30+ retail outlets and added another 30+ in the pipeline. He almost doubled the retail network of BPCL in his sales area.

His life was beautifully ensconced in the comforts of a Navratna Company but he was still not at peace. He was itching to follow his true calling- Teaching. He got an opportunity to work with a leading MBA test-prep institute and he immediately jumped on the bandwagon. In the last decade or so, he has trained thousands of students for CAT and other MBA entrance tests and has helped thousands of students realise their dream of studying in IIMs and other coveted B-Schools.

His day is not complete without taking a few classes. From among the portfolio of works that he performs as the Director of MBA-Easy, he relishes the mentoring part the most. He ensures that all major topics in quants and DI/LR are taken by him in every batch.

He is also a serial CAT taker and has secured high 99+ percentiles in all his attempts. Writing CAT is non-negotiable for him as he is of the firm opinion that every faculty should write CAT in order to be acutely aware of the pulse of the exam and to properly guide students.

He also takes PI sessions of students post CAT online test. He is also a regular jogger (at least 6 KM per day- seriously?), an avid reader and likes to spend quality time with his son. He feels that teaching his son (a class 5 student) is a lot tougher than mentoring CAT aspirants!

Bhupesh Kumar

Bhupesh Kumar (IIM Ahmedabad)
LR & PDP Faculty

Bhupesh Kumar

An IIM-A alumnus, Bhupesh Kumar gave a great account of himself in corporate sector including banking and insurance in senior management level before zeroing in on education and educational entrepreneurship. He is the sheet-anchor of immensely successful brands like 'Career Planner' and 'Alliance Club' but at heart, he remains a wonderful teacher of Logical Reasoning and PDP . Ever innovative, often inventive, always improvising, his ideas are authentic and organic which in turn explain his popularity as a mentor-teacher.Most of all, it is his uncanny ability to motivate and push students beyond their apparent capabilities that invests him with a very different sort of mojo. He must claim credit for turning around the fortunes of thousands of students- currently at top MBA Schools or with highly rated corporate firms. With him around, there is never a dull moment. He is a workaholic and will turn you into one.

Mr. S.Roy

Hindu College DU
VA-RC Faculty

S.Roy is a teacher par excellence with the ability to make English look easy. With more than 15 years of English mentorship for toughest entrance examinations designed, he delivers what is needed: background knowledge of diverse ideas and concepts needed for proactive reading to master comprehension, grammatical nuances, mastering paragraph-related questions, vocabulary but most of all, interplay of concepts ranging from economy to philosophy and anthropology to psychology. He works in a very senior position and teaching has been his passion. His mentees could be found at top MBA schools and top corporate houses. He is an avid reader and his personal library consists of more than four thousand books. He is a keen swimmer and not averse to humming old Hindi songs.