We take absolute pride in the way we teach and why shouldn't we - after all, it has worked for our students wonderfully well for years. Our understanding of the word pedagogy is not just limited to design and delivery of curriculum but is more comprehensive in nature encompassing faculty selection and their training, curriculum design and its regular updation, effect on learners measured by concretely defined metrics (learner outcomes), processes adopted and feedback mechanism to constantly put our pedagogy to test. Let us take a sneak peek into it.

Faculty Selection

Importance of quality mentors can never be over-emphasized. We understand this and hence have adopted a no-compromise policy on this front. All our teachers have credible background-be it academic, work-experience related, track record of producing outstanding results or their passionate involvement.

They are regularly trained by our director and other senior faculty members on a regular basis. Any change in course delivery, exam pattern, new question types etc. are updated to all our faculty members.

Our faculty members are proud of appearing in CAT every year (without fail) to ensure that they are aware of the finer grains of the exam.

Faculty Selection
Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

We have our own in-house team of content creators consisting of our faculty members who have worked tirelessly to create a comprehensive and updated study material covering CAT and all other management entrance tests. It consists of following resources


We provide a total of 37 booklets which will take care of all the concepts along with sufficient number of worked out examples, practice questions starting from elementary level up to CAT level and beyond (purposely designed), exam-specific practice modules, solved CAT papers of previous years, and our pinnacle series so that aspirants could challenge themselves.

Course delivery

Course Delivery

All the chapters in every testing area are broken down into smaller digestible bunch of concepts (called capsules) which make the learning experience easier and deeper. We make sure to start from scratch so that the last student standing in the queue is also able to understand everything clearly. Questions are taken from elementary level and are gradually progressed to CAT level and beyond ( to drive home the concepts better)

CAT is also biased towards certain key concepts like finding maximum/minimum value of a quantity, certain concepts related to Time, Speed and Distance, DI sets based on Venn Diagram (a regular in CAT), unconventional DI sets etc. These key ideas are also dealt separately to ensure good performance from our students in their final

Workshops are frequently held during the fag end of the preparation which has all the ingredients of boosting the confidence of our students in the final stage of their preparation.

Mock Tests and Online Support

Giving mock tests is the most important part of a student’s preparation journey. Students are able to identify their weak areas, work upon them and come strongly in next mock test. They also work on their temperament aspects which is very crucial to excel in this exam. Writing mock tests also helps them to polish their test-taking strategy. Tests’ results give them a fair idea of where they currently stand in the competition

Considering the above, we have designed the best possible mock tests to cater to all major MBA entrance exams. Have a detailed look:

1. CAT 25 30
2. XAT 6 12
3. SNAP 5 9
4. IIFT 6 6
5. NMAT 5 15
8. CMAT 5
9. MAT 4
10. MHCET 3

This is not all. We will top it up with an insane number of questions and practice tests. We can bet- you will not fall short of practice material at any point of time during your preparation! Want to know what else we offer-

  • •40+ topic-based tests
  • •100 extra practice tests (CAT pattern)
  • •52 past CAT question tests from 2000 to 2008 available concept-wise
  • •106 past other MBA tests questions available concept-wise
  • •Customisation is given to students to create a test from your chosen area

With such gamut of resources available at the disposal of our students, they are well armoured to take on CAT and other exams with ease and confidence. And our results are testimony of our claims.

Mock Tests and Online Support
Handholding and Motivation

Handholding and Motivation

Each student is treated as a potential IIM-entrant at MBA Easy. For us, every student is a winner and hence individual monitoring and hand-holding is done to all our students from the beginning till the end. They are assigned a mentor who is responsible for monitoring performance. Preparation plan is designed, identification of weak areas is done, monitoring of mock tests performance is done jointly by student and his/her assigned mentor.

In order to keep the students upbeat about their preparation, we have our own coveted “Synergy Club”- membership of which is an aspiration for all our students. Entry to this club is allowed by performing well in mock tests created for this specific purpose. Proud students of this group work in tandem with senior members of our faculty team to ensure excellent results. Our success rate of getting into a top 40 college from among the “Synergy Club” members is an astounding 75%.

The Final Lap

Post CAT, students are trained for the all-important second stage- WAT (Written Ability Test) and PI (Personal Interview) round. This stage is as important as writing CAT and hence we don’t leave it for the end. We train students for the second round from the very beginning. The frequency of training is increased Post CAT.

We have faculty members with IIT/IIM background having rich & varied experience in corporate sector. They have meticulously designed the WAT/GD/PI course to ensure that all the students convert their respective calls from coveted B-schools

The Final Lap